​So you want to write your story ...

​A workshop to help you understand the value of your story and encourage you to just get started!

Need help putting your story into words?

Perhaps you want to write your story as a contribution to your family history, or for a wider audience that you believe will benefit from the wisdom gained from your life experience. But there are a couple of things holding you back ....

Sometimes fear creeps in and you start to wonder, 'Why would people want to read my story? How is my life experience going to help others?'

Sometimes the idea of writing your story becomes overwhelming, you are unsure where to ​begin, so you procrastinate and don't ​start.

This workshop '​So you want to write your story...'
will help you to overcome those issues by enabling you to

​Understand the value of your story - both to yourself and others

In this workshop we discuss why you want to write your story, along with the themes reflected in your story and the wisdom, events, people and reference materials that can be used to support those themes. We also consider who your readers are likely to be and what they will be wanting from your story.

​Create an ​action plan with the next steps for writing your story

After defining your story's purpose, themes and readers, we start planning the next steps to enable you to get started. Some of the activities we cover include, the story contents/structure; information sources; support and up-skilling; proofing and marketing. You will leave the workshop with at least three next steps for your writing project.

Wendy knows how hard it is to write your story having just published her own book after six years work...

Wendy Robinson wrote and published Victoria Grace - Living with victory through childhood cancer, in November 2018.

Throughout the eight year journey of having a daughter with cancer Wendy found writing very therapeutic. She shared her wisdom from that extremely challenging experience via writing a book which has been endorsed by Social Workers from Hunter New England Health and Redkite (a charity for families living with children with cancer).

Her book is now available at ​Angus & Robertson​​​​; ​Koorong​​​​ and ​Book Depository​​​​. The audiobook version is available at ​Audiobooks.com ​​​For more information about Wendy's book Victoria Grace - Living with victory through childhood cancer, please click here

About The ​​Workshop Author and Presenter
​Wendy Robinson

Today Wendy often speaks to groups of up to 500 people about overcoming adversity in her journey as mother of four, including having a daughter with a brain tumour. 

​Wendy developed this workshop, 'So you want to write your story ...' in response to people's comments ​such as 'I'd like to write a book, but I don't know where to start.'

She knows the value of writing your story, both for the writer, and for those who need the wisdom and encouragement that your story can give. 

This knowledge combined with her experience of designing and facilitating numerous project planning workshops in her IT and Project Management corporate career, has resulted in a practical workshop that gives prospective autobiographers the tools to just get started! 

​​Workshop Details

​Workshop duration: 2.5 hours (including a 15 minute break for tea/coffee and a snack.)
Cost per participant: $​30 (includes workbook) 

​If you would like to find out more about this workshop or are interested in having Wendy Robinson facilitate this workshop ​for your group, please contact ​Wendy at hello@wendyrobinson.com.au