What have I learnt? – Drawing Closer to God

What have you learnt from this time of drawing closer to God?

Take some time now to reflect on what God has revealed to you over these past thirty days. I encourage you to write your answers in your journal.

  1. What has God revealed to me about Himself?
  2. What has God revealed to me about myself?
  3. What’s the next thing I will do to keep drawing closer to God?

Re question 3, there are so many great resources available online, especially at this time! Check out what your church is offering.

Thank you for joining me on this thirty day journey. For me, even though I wrote this material about 4 years ago, God has continued to minister to me through it over these past few weeks. I trust that you have had some wonderful encounters with God too.

If you would like the PDF version of these devotions for yourself in the future, or to pass on to a friend, please email me at hello@wendyrobinson.com.au. This is a free resource I’ve created to literally help people draw closer to God.

Drawing Closer to God - Devotion Page Example

If you are looking for more encouragement about living life with Jesus, check out my other blog posts and podcasts.

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