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Victoria Grace
Living with victory through childhood cancer
Written by a Parent: Wendy Robinson

"This is the book we wished we'd had the day we arrived at hospital"
  • Dealing with hospital and home. The book features a series of checklists she produced for her family and friends that will help you manage the day-to-day hassles once you move your life into a hospital cancer ward.
  • Getting the help you need. Wendy's book contains guides on charities that offer support to families with children with cancer. Their practical assistance helped Wendy's family to cope with the many financial and emotional burdens they faced.
  • ​Finding Jesus in the crisis. Times of crisis can lead us to ask the question where is God in this? In this book Wendy takes us through her journey of seeking God and learning to trust Him at a deeper level.

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The Story Behind The Book:

Having experienced the generosity of the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia, Wendy and her husband Ken were asked to appear In a video to help the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia raise funds to assist other families with seriously ill children. This video gives you a good insight into the journey faced by many families battling childhood cancer.

What People Are Saying About Wendy Robinson's book...

Linda Brown

Senior Social Worker, 

“This book is a very helpful guide for parents who gather strength through their religion in times of severe challenge to assist them to maintain hope and sustain the energy needed to manage the treatment journey. It may also be helpful to those who might struggle with their faith during these times – particularly with relevant quotations from psalms.

"Wendy's book is a very well written story of human strength and resilience – I couldn’t put it down even though I knew the story. Thank you Wendy for providing so much meaningful assistance to other parents, extended family and support networks!

"For those parents who prefer to find other ways to assist in staying strong, this book is full of lists of practical suggestions and plans which will save time and energy – both usually very scarce for most families.

"Wendy also lists the support resources available to all families support their children through brain cancer both through the text and in all appendices at the end of the book based on her own lived experience (including the mention of Redkite’s telegroup program which is how I came to know her). Support strategies for siblings and for the child with cancer are there too."

In ​"​Victoria Grace, living with victory through childhood cancer" you will discover:


Practical checklists for home and hospital

Your child's cancer dramatically changes life as you and your family adjust to the many hours spent at hospital, on top of managing day-to-day life. Wendy developed a series of practical checklists which made life a lot easier for not only her family, but friends and relatives as they made this massive transition to a new way of life.

Getting help – who and the benefits

When you first start your cancer journey, you may feel all alone and not sure what to do next. But help is at hand. In this part of Wendy's book she explains the assistance that is available. This helped Wendy's family as they struggled with the financial burden cancer brings.


Keeping your family together

One moment your family is happy, without a care in the world, the next moment it seems that everything is falling apart. Wendy explains the steps she took to ensure that her family finished the cancer journey emotionally intact. These suggestions will help you deal with the pressures of ensuring your family survives. Plus, she shows you how it is possible for your family unit to grow stronger as they come together in this crisis.


Physical rehabilitation strategies

Your cancer journey usually does not finish when you leave hospital. To ensure Victoria made the best recovery possible Wendy spent many hours implementing physical rehabilitation activities that would aid her daughter's recovery. Wendy shares with you a series of therapy plans that can help make your child's recovery a little easier, even fun.

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Why did Wendy Robinson write this book?


Now you can listen to
Wendy Robinson as she
shares her story in the audio version of "Victoria Grace"

The Australian Women's weekly featured Victoria's story

To continue our support for the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia, we were interviewed for The Australian Women's Weekly, Christmas Edition, 2014 (Australia and New Zealand editions).

About the Author: Wendy Robinson

Wendy Robinson lives in Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia with her husband Ken and four children. In 2011 their third child, Victoria, then aged three, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Brain surgery, physical rehabilitation, chemotherapy and emotional trauma became commonplace in their lives. 

Wendy drew on her twelve years of project planning in the corporate sphere prior to having children, to develop strategies, processes and checklists to help her family navigate through this season. 

Throughout this journey Wendy shared her thoughts and experiences on her blog, which has formed the basis of this book. More than a story, this book is filled with practical survival tactics and tips for parents who find themselves in a similar situation, or people who are struggling with challenging on-going life circumstances.

Today Wendy continues with mothering including supporting her child winning the fight against cancer, working alongside Ken in their business, volunteering at their local church, and still continuing turning to God each day, sometimes each minute, to get the strength required to make it through.

Wendy writes and podcasts, to find out more, please visit her website:​

In Wendy Robinson's podcast she shares
how the book came about and her writing process

Victoria Grace – living with victory through childhood cancer
"This is the book we wished we'd had the day we arrived at hospital."

Has your child been diagnosed with Cancer? What's next?...

Help is at hand! This book has been written by a mother who was told that in seven days her three year-old daughter may die due to the eight and half hour operation needed to remove the cancer. Today her daughter Victoria is living life to the fullest and this book has been written to guide you through the ups and downs of having a child suffering from cancer. Due to this awful journey, you will enjoy the fact that in the book she shares how her family has grown closer and now appreciates every moment of life.

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