God goes before us

Over twenty years ago most Saturday mornings, Ken and I would travel by public transport (we were newly married and didn’t have a car) from Elizabeth Bay, inner Sydney, to Chatswood. Why? For Ken to pre-record his radio show, ‘Arts in Review’ at a community radio station During the week he’d contact his interviewees and assign a time for an over the phone interview on the Saturday morning. On those Saturdays I’d sit in the chair outside the studio and often fall asleep after a long, sometimes challenging week working on an IT helpdesk.

Why am I sharing about Ken’s community radio show? Well, because yesterday God reminded me about it. I was sitting in my car having just finished a phone interview with a Christian radio station in Perth about my book and God’s faithfulness. Aside; I was in my car so I wouldn’t be interrupted by any of the family – but I forgot to turn off call-waiting on my phone! Thankfully the interview was being pre-recorded!

Anyway, as I sat there giving thanks to God for how well the interview had gone (from my perspective anyway), He gave me a picture of Ken and I in the studio in Chatswood, and Ken interviewing people over the phone. He was reminding me of a few things …

1, God always goes before us, preparing the way. In this case, over 20 years ago, unknowingly, I was being immersed in an environment that I would need to know about today!

And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:8 NKJV

2, God will always make sure we are prepared for what He wants us to do and will fill the gaps that need to be filled. In this example, Ken with his radio experience, was able to coach me in the preparation for the interview.

Now may the God who brought us peace by raising from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ so that he would be the Great Shepherd of his flock; and by the power of the blood of the eternal covenant, may he work perfection into every part of you giving you all that you need to fulfill your destiny. And may he express through you all that is excellent and pleasing to him through your life-union with Jesus the Anointed One who is to receive all glory forever! Amen! Hebrews 31:20-21 TPT

Giving you all that you need to fulfill your destiny. Even when we don’t realise it at the time. Thank you God that you are the Master planner!

3, God knows the end of the story and He knows the part He wants us to play. He knows that He is working all things together for good …

So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. Romans 8:28 TPT

So, despite all that has come against us over the years, in the words of a wonderful, life giving song, Raise a Hallelujah, by Bethel Music ….

I raise a Hallelujah, in the presence of my enemies.

Remember, our God, the one who goes before, equips us, and knows how the story ends, He will always have the last say …

Jesus has the last word on everything and everyone, from angels to armies. He’s standing right alongside God, and what he says goes. 1 Peter 2:33 The Message

Wendy Robinson

​I have a background of working in the corporate sphere, however the events in our personal life over the past ​8 years of living with a child ​with cancer have impacted me greatly. The skills and strategies I have learnt in this time, have led to me blogging and speaking about this horrendously challenging journey. Many of the things I have learnt can be applied to any challenge we face in life, not just cancer. If you have are planning an event and are looking for a speaker on any of the following topics, please contact me. - Living with a child with cancer - How your life can be enlarged through the trials of life - Holding your family together during a time of crisis - Building resilience into your children - Caring for the Carer, living with ​depression - Trusting God when there are no other options - Living each day in God's strength I welcome invitations from faith-based, corporate and association events. My speaking fees are contingent upon several factors, including the purpose and location of the event. To find out more information about my availability and fees, please email me a wendy@wendyrobinson.com.au Corporate / Business Background For the past 15 years I have worked at Newsletter House in a management capacity​, including helping navigate the business through the economic challenges of being a small business hit by the GFC​. Prior to August 2003 the majority of my experience was in project-related roles in the banking sector. Particularly project planning, process improvement and project office roles.


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