In the battle

I remember years ago sitting on the toilet, feeling battle weary (in a spiritual sense), feeling like there was this unrelenting push to make me give up on God. But then I lifted my head and read this scripture that I had put on the wall a few weeks earlier… Yet in all these things […]

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Unexpected Tears

Standing in the supermarket. The phone goes. It’s my husband. I just start crying, and eventually manage to say, “I’m not coping.” He says, “Where are you? I’ll be there soon.” Wow, this whole morning has taken me by surprise. I thought I’d be okay, that I’d just push through as normal. But apparently no. […]

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Linger a little longer

In this full life lingering isn’t something that I often do. But this year God has been teaching me about the power in lingering. Being more of a Mary and sitting at the feet of Jesus just a little bit longer. I’m sure you know the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10 … […]

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No options?

What happens when you are in that place where there seems to be no options, no obvious solutions? This week I was reminded once again that there is an amazing God of the universe who is able and willing to intervene… Let everyone give all their praise and thanks to the Lord!Here’s why – he’s […]

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Hope – will you let Jesus rebuild you?

What happens when hope starts slipping away? Darkness descends. It is difficult to think or see anything other than the negative. Stuff happens. Sometimes from wrong choices we’ve made. Sometimes other people’s wrong choices impact us. Sometimes things happen and we don’t know why. Earlier this week I was listening to Amanda Cook’s song, City […]

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Who likes pruning?

It’s almost that time of year when the roses need to be pruned. They still have a few blooms, but they are looking very raggedy. Not at all like the brilliantly flourishing bushes of mid-summer. I’m a tough pruner. As pruning time approaches some of the rose bushes have branches that have grown to over […]

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Home town memories

There is nothing like visiting your home town to be reminded of where you have come from, and what was being sown into your life when you didn’t realise it. The photo above is me standing outside Christ Church, an Anglican church in Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand. This is the church my mother took me […]

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